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Canine Breeding Programs, Nutrition Planning & Pet Dentistry in Ottawa

Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of veterinary services, all of them geared toward giving your dog or cat the best life possible. Whether your pet is an energetic young pup or a happy older cat, our experienced staff can help maintain or boost their health.

Specializing in dogs and cats, Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic offers pet dentistry in Ottawa, as well as canine breeding and reproduction programs, nutrition assessments, preventative services and more.

Learn more about our services:

  • Canine breeding programs and reproduction
    • Artificial insemination
    • Pregnancy ultrasounds
  • Dentistry
  • Individual geriatric programs
  • Medicine
  • Nutrition planning and wellness programs
  • Preventive medicine
    • Annual vaccinations
    • Spaying and neutering
  • General surgeries
  • Veterinary services
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Specialty Services

Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic also provides specialty surgeries, ultrasounds and eye exams provided in-clinic through contracted specialists. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

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