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Meet the Staff at Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic

The friendly and knowledgeable staff of Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic in Ottawa is always here to help. Our compassionate team is dedicated to your pet’s personalized care. Learn more about our staff by visiting our clinic.

Dr. Dorit Fischler, DVM

Dr. Fischler is the chief veterinarian of Crossing Bridge Veterinary Clinic in Ottawa. She has specialized in anesthesia at the University of Guelph and also has a concentration on the care of cats and dogs. Dr. Fischler also specializes in the fertility, reproduction, perinatal and postnatal care for breeding purposes. With a large network of veterinary specialist and consultants, Dr. Fischler is able to organize supplementary, specialized care in-house and through referrals. In her spare time, Dr. Fischler breeds and exhibits French Bulldogs under the Belboulecan prefix.

Dr. Dorit Fischler, DVM

Team Members

Amy Veterinary Technician


Veterinary Assistant

Erin Veterinary Assistant


Veterinary Assistant

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